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You need Mobile ID as signature approval means

The free Mobile ID is a simple and secure way of authorizing an electronic signature. With Mobile ID, your cell phone becomes a "digital pen" and is automatically accessed when requesting a signature. The secure release for signature is done either with the fingerprint or the facial recognition on your mobile phone. During registration, you will need the Mobile ID for the first time to approve and confirm the terms and conditions. This ensures that the digital pen belongs to you!

Or go to the mobile app store

Scan the QR code with your cell phone camera to download Mobile ID App


Follow steps directly in the app to activate Mobile ID. Write down the generated recovery code.


After activation, return to this page to continue with identification.

Important note for customers in Switzerland only: If you have a Swiss mobile number, please choose either the app-based or SIM-based activation for Mobile ID. The Mobile ID SIM is a different variant to the Mobile ID App and is already available on your SIM card from Swisscom, Salt or Sunrise. The signature approval is done via a PIN code (Mobile ID Pin). The Mobile ID SIM can only be activated via the Mobile ID website: https://www.mobileid.ch/en/login. You do not need to download the Mobile ID App for this variant.

Note for all our customers: Activation and installation of Mobile ID is not mandatory. Alternatively, you can use the password – SMS code method for confirmation and subsequent signature approval means. Your signature application will ask you for a password for each signature, which you will assign for the first-time during registration. In addition, the signature application will send you a one-time code via SMS, which you must enter in a designated input field during the signing process. Note: If you forget your password, you will have to register again!

Please enter your information: family name as printed on your ID document

Attention: do not enter any title in the field family name

Note: Once submitted, this information cannot be changed. We only need your E-Mail address to send you a notification in case of interruptions during ID verification.

Did you have a problem during the identification process? Contact our support via the following link, and be sure to transmit your:

  • mobile number
  • the “Ref-ID” that was sent to you in the email
  • your e-mail address
  • the desired jurisdiction (Switzerland or EU/EEA (eIDAS))

Unfortunately, we cannot process your request without this information. As a support measure and compensation, we can offer you a free voucher for video identification in the desired jurisdiction or refund the incurred costs. Please also indicate one of these two options in your request. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any other possibility of processing. We kindly ask you to refrain from telephone inquiries.

Contact support

What happens next?

Technical notes: For the successful performance of the video identification, we recommend using the mobile app of identity.tm or the mobile browser directly on your smartphone. Avoid company WLANs and preferably use a mobile network.


You’ll be redirected to our identification partner

We will open a new browser tab to complete your ID verification with identity.TM. Make sure you have a webcam and microphone enabled.


You’ll need your ID or passport to get identified

Make sure you have your ID or Passport ready according to the list of countries.


You’ll receive a confirmation SMS

This SMS will lead you to a website to accept the terms and conditions of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG and Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. *

By clicking on “Submit” and “Start identification”, the customer agrees that Swisscom may make the submitted data available to the registration authority identity Trust Management AG (identity.TM – 40231 Düsseldorf, Germany) in advance to provide identification within the framework of the signature or trust service. The Privacy Statement of Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. in Vienna, Austria, applies for signature according to EU regulation (eIDAS). The Privacy Statement of Swisscom (Schweiz) Ltd. applies for signatures according to Swiss law (ZertES). The privacy policies of Swisscom Trust AG apply to the use of this website.

*Note: The terms and conditions of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG need to be accepted to use advanced signatures according to Swiss law. The terms and conditions of Swisscom IT Services Finance S.E. need to be accepted to use advanced and qualified signatures according to EU regulations.

After activating Mobile ID, you can proceed to the next step.

After completing the form, you will be redirected to identity.TM

How to activate the Mobile ID App

Step 1: Scan QR Code with mobile phone camera

Step 2: Add Mobile ID App Account

Step 3: Continue with activation without QR Code

Step 4: Enter mobile number and accept terms of use

Step 5: Enter SMS code

Step 6: Write down the recovery code for safe keeping

Step 7: Mobile ID App Account is set up