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If you like to sign documents with a qualified electronic signature, you need to identify yourself. Currently, we offer various identification methods, which are valid according to EU and Swiss law.

Important information for Switzerland onlyRepeal of the temporary amendment of ZertES for video identification (vZertES 7a)! Since 2nd October 2020, video identification is no longer available for the qualified electronic signature according to ZertES, except for the use of financial intermediaries. All registrations via video made in the period from 2nd April to 2nd October 2020,in Switzerland and by the Smart Registration Service (SRS) and not by a video identification of financial intermediaries, are from 2nd October 2020 only permitted for the advanced electronic signature. In order to be able to continue to use qualified signatures in the Swiss legal area, you must register again. For further information, please visit SRS Direct.

The identification usually takes 5 minutes. Please have the following ready:

  • Voucher code, that you have received either from us or your partner. If you do not own a voucher, you can select SRS Direct.

Please complete the entire identification process without closing this browser tab.


Our Smart Registration Service (SRS) offers various identification procedures. Please select an identification method.

Legal weight of signature:

Valid legal area of signature:


SRS Video

Important information:
You need a webcam, a microphone, an up-to-date browser and a stable internet connection.

Please note:

  • available from Mon - Sun 7am-12am
  • languages: German or English
  • accepted valid passports according to the list of countries
  • only for advanced signatures in Switzerland
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SRS Direct

Visit a Swisscom shop as a certified registration authority for qualified electronic signature near you.

Please activate the Mobile ID or Mobile ID App on your mobile phone before your visit.

Bring your valid ID or passport and mobile phone for identification in the Swisscom Shop.

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SRS Bank

Important Information:

You need a German bank account and your online banking login data. Also, you are asked for your address and mobile phone number.

The identification by the bank login can be done around the clock and usually takes only 2 minutes. Almost all German Banks are supported for the identification. Please check the list of not-supported banks.

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